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Pasta & Pasta Mauritius
‘Nou peu nou la pat’
Itailain Master chef Alessandro Morino has created a fusion of Authentic specialty ‘Fresh Pasta’ with a Mauritian twist. A must try for pasta Lovers
  • Gnocchi Safran:
Gnocchi is an Itailian tradition on potato and flour balls, infused with some Safron spice.
Boil for 3mins until soft, drain water and toss in butter and sprinkle Pamasan cheese, or add a sauce (e.g pesto/ tomato, olives) / Ragu of your choice.
  • Totellini Fish Tandoori:
Pasta in a Croissant shape, with a delicious Fish Tandoori curry filling.
Boil for 5 mins and enjoy with a spash of oilve oil and sprinkle of Parmasan or fresh chilli.
  • Ravioli Chicken Curry:
Classic Ravoli – Square pasta parcels, filled with Chefs specail Chicken Curry.
Boil for 5 min and enjoy with a splash of Olive oil and chilli or add to a sauce of your choice.

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