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Coffee pack of 4 different ground coffee blends by Dodo Cafe.

Enjoy your mornings at home, we got you covered!

1.House Blend (225g)

This is our 100% Arabica espresso coffee blend.It has the best Colombian AA Grade beans for acidity, citrus notes and a chocolate after taste and Brazilian Fine Cup beans to give full a bodied nutty base.

2.Sugar Coffee(225g)

Strong & sweet , this coffee is the perfect combination of raw sugar from our Mauritian plantation & harsh taste of Robusta. Sugar canes were first introduced on the island in 1638 by the Dutch.

3. Cinnamon Coffee(225g)

Spice up your coffee & enhance your life.Cinnamon is a diet-friendly spice that marries well with the harsh & peanuts after taste of Robusta. Cinnamon is known to sooth cold symptoms, and is full of nutrients & vitamins. Its aroma will remind you or your childhood.

4. Cameroon Coffee (225g)
Due to its high altitude , rich, volcanic soils and ample rainfall, coffee from Cameroon are of good quality. They are full-bodied flavor, mellow taste.

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